Berlins open spaces by bike


To experience architecture, urban development and landscape architecture by bicycle is a special adventure in Berlin. Your radius of action is much larger and you can see more of the city.

Particular open spaces, such as the award-winning, ground-breaking landscape architecture project of the „Park am Gleisdreieck“ or the expanse of the abandoned Tempelhof airspace, thus are experienced in their entire dimensions.

In cooperation with the bike station, we offer group tours from Berlin-Mitte or with extra charge from any other location in Berlin. In general, all tour formats are possible as bike tours. Particularly suitable for cycling is the following tour:


Open spaces - from the central station to the Tempelhof airfield

Hauptbahnhof (gmp), Spreepromenade (Kienast + Vogt), Prison Park on Invalidenstrasse (Glaßer + Dagenbach), Spreebogenpark (Weber + Saurer), Swiss Embassy (Diener+Diener), Band des Bundes and Bundeskanzleramt (Schultes + Frank),

Reichstag (Refurbishment: Sir Norman Foster), Platz der Republik (Lützow 7), Holocaust Memorial (Peter Eisenman), Potsdamer Platz quarter, Tilla-Durieux-Park (ds), Sony-Center (Helmut Jahn, Peter Walker), Park am Gleisdreieck (Atelier Loidl), Tempelhof airfield


Day tour, duration approx. 8 h


In excerpts also viable as a half day tour, duration approx. 3-4 hours