The Bauhaus is known worldwide and estimated as the most influential school of the 20th century in the field of architecture, art and design. But in the 1920s also a lesser known, wide range of relevant buildings of classical modernism originated in Berlin, such as the curved shapes of Mendelsohn and expressionist colouring of Tauts projects. Buildings visited in the course of the tour – including interior visits:

Bauhaus buildings
Villa Lemke (Mies van der Rohe); Haus am Rupenhorn (Vasily and Hans Luckhardt with Alfons Anker), Federal School in Bernau (Hannes Meyer)

Classical Modernism
IG Metall House (Erich Mendelsohn); House of printing (Max Taut); Tautes Heim, an originally refurbished detached house by Bruno Taut in the Hufeisensiedlung

Day tour, duration approx. 8 h

Viable also as a half day tour (in excerpts), duration approx. 3-4 hours