So far, the architectural work of Karl Friedrich Schinkel and the landscape architecture of Peter Joseph Lenné, coined the Potsdam image. But already in 1924 an icon of modern architecture was added to the „smiling classicism“ with its castles and follies - the Einstein Tower of Erich Mendelsohn. Today, not only the reconstruction of the Potsdamer Castle, the new seat of the Brandenburg Landtag, represents the current Potsdam as a confident, growing city.

Buildings visited in the course of the tour – including interior visits:


Neoclassical buildings and parks

Palace and Park Sanssouci (Frederick II and Georg Wenceslaus von Knobelsdorff); Roman Baths and Charlottenhof Palace (Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Ludwig Persius and Peter Joseph Lenné); Palace and Park Klein-Glienicke


Einstein Tower (Erich Mendelsohn)


Contemporary Potsdam

Hans Otto Theatre (Gottfried Böhm); Federal Foundation for Building Culture (Springer architects); Indoor swimming pool on Brauhausberg (under construction, gmp); Castle / Brandenburg Landtag (Peter Kulka); Palais Barberini (Carl von Gontard, Thomas Albrecht / Hilmer & Sattler)


Day tour, duration approx. 8 h


Viable also as a half day tour (in excerpts), duration approx. 3-4 hours