The restoration of the Museum Island according to David Chipperfield’s master plan is Berlin’s largest inner city project since the completion of Potsdamer Platz. Following the celebrated re-opening of Neues Museum, the construction of a new central entrance building, the James Simon Gallery marks the completion of the UNESCO World Heritage site’s extensive restoration – leading into an impressive 21st century museum complex.
Buildings visited in the course of the tour – including interior visits:


Altes Museum (Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht), Lustgarten (Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Hans Loidl), Berliner Dom (Julius Carl Raschdorff)


Museum Island
Alte Nationalgalerie (Friedrich August Stüler, Heinrich Strack, H.G. Merz), Colonnade Courtyard (Levin Monsigny), Bode Museum (Ernst von Ihne, Heinz Tesar), Pergamon Museum (Alfred Messel, Ludwig Hoffmann, O. M. Ungers, Jan Kleihues, Walter Noebel), Galerie am Kupfergraben and building site of the James Simon Gallery (David Chipperfield)


Neues Museum
Focus of the tour is the guided visit to the New Museum (Friedrich August Stüler) renovated by David Chipperfield and Julian Harrap - one of the most important museum conversions in recent years, which won many architectural awards.


Duration approx. 2,5 hours