GREEN CITY - Berlin's open spaces by bike


To experience architecture, urban development and landscape design by bike is a special adventure in Berlin. Your radius of action is much larger and you can take in more of the city.
Particularly open spaces, such as the award-winning, ground-breaking landscape design project Gleisdreieck Park or the expanse of the abandoned Tempelhof airfield are experienced in their entire dimensions.
In cooperation with a bike rental station we offer group tours starting in Berlin-Mitte or at an extra charge from any other location in Berlin. In general all tour formats are bookable as bike tours. The following tour is particularly suitable for cycling:


Open spaces - from the central station to the Tempelhof airfield
Hauptbahnhof (gmp), Spreepromenade (Kienast + Vogt), Prison Park on Invalidenstrasse (Glaßer + Dagenbach), Spreebogenpark (Weber + Saurer), Swiss Embassy (Diener+Diener), Band des Bundes and Bundeskanzleramt (Schultes + Frank), Reichstag (Refurbishment: Sir Norman Foster), Platz der Republik (Lützow 7), Holocaust Memorial (Peter Eisenman), Potsdamer Platz quarter, Tilla-Durieux-Park (ds), Sony-Center (Helmut Jahn, Peter Walker), Gleisdreieck Park (Atelier Loidl), Tempelhof airfield


Day tour, duration approx. 8 h


In excerpts also viable as a half day tour, duration approx. 3-4 hours