Berlin has two main city centers:
The GDR created an expansive, large-scale public space surrounding the iconic TV tower at Alexanderplatz that was supposed to radiate international modernity.
Meanwhile in the West the commercial center of the walled city asserted itself near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, including the Europa Center near to Zoo Station.
Today buildings on both sides call for modernization. In the East as well as in the West new skyscrapers are being built. Nevertheless there are great differences: While Alexanderplatz boasts new apartment buildings and a shopping center, the result of the revitalization in the west are new concept mall and entertainment mile including the Bikini building and
Zoopalast cinema.
Buildings visited in the course of the tour – including interior visits:


Central East

House of the Teacher and Convention Centre (BCC, Hermann Hensemann), Alexanderplatz and TV Tower, House of Travel, House of the Press, Rathauspassagen residential building (Heinz Graffunder), Red Town Hall, Humboldt Forum (reconstruction of the City Palace), Staatsratsgebäude



Bikini Berlin and Zoopalast (SAQ, Hild and K, mask and Suhren), Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (Egon Eiermann), Ludwig-Erhard-Haus (Nicolas Grimshaw), Upper West (Langhof architects), Waldorf Astoria Hotel (Christoph Mackler) and Neues Kranzler Eck (Helmut Jahn)


duration approx. 2,5 hours each or 6 hours for both