Residential Buildings in Prenzlauer Berg

After years of stagnation, new residential construction in Berlin has picked up speed again. The first to create affordable housing were building co-op initiatives that often produced outstanding architecture.
Today, housing associations as well as small businesses are once again reviving Berlin’s typical history of innovative housing construction.
In the hip district of Prenzlauer Berg with its committed residents, a large number of architecturally remarkable alternative residential buildings have been built, ranging from the townhouse on the Wall strip to the seven-storey wooden residential and health centre.

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    Berlin Wall Memorial Sinai
    Chapel of Reconciliation Reitermann Sassenroth
    Townhouses at Bernauer Straße various architects
    Residential building Strelitzer Straße Fat Koehl
    Residential building Schönholzer Straße roedig schop
    Residential house Sc11 I Residential house Ru43 Zanderroth
    Marthashof Grüntuch Ernst

    Paragon Apartments Graft
    Christburger Str. 13 Kaden Klingbeil
    Residential building CB 19 Zanderroth
    Residential house E3 Kaden Klingbeil
    Big Yard Zelterstraße Zanderroth

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