Embassies and State Representations

The return of the embassies to the former noble villa quarter in Tiergarten has produced a collection of contemporary architecture with ambitious building concepts. Under the National Socialists, monumental new embassy buildings were constructed, for example for Japan, Italy, Spain and Denmark. After the Second World War, Berlin’s special political status and the relocation of the capital to Bonn plunged the entire quarter into a deep sleep.
Today, the colourful mix of state representations and embassies inspires visitors, presenting itself to them like an open-air architecture exhibition. The tour illustrates the diversity of the participating states and countries. One of the highlights of this tour is the new construction of a common house for the five Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland by six different architectural offices: the Nordic Embassies.

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    Project selection Embassies

    Nordic Embassies Berger + Parkkinen I 3xN Architects I Pálmar Kristmundsson I Snøhetta I Viiva arkkitehtuuri Oy I Gert Wingårdh I Pysall Ruge
    Embassy of India Léon Wohlhage Wernik
    Embassy of Mexico Gonzales Léon
    Embassy of Austria Hans Hollein
    Embassy of South Africa MMS
    Embassy of Turkey Nickol Schmidt Hillig
    Embassy of Japan Ludwig Moshamer I Caesar Pinnau I HPP International
    Embassy of Italy Friedrich Hetzelt I Vittorio de Feo
    Embassy of Estonia Reimarus & Hetzel
    Embassy of the Slowak Republic Häffner + Zenk

    State representations and other buildings

    Bremen Léon Wohlhage Wernik
    North Rhein Westphalia Petzinka, Pink und Partner
    Baden-Württemberg Dietrich Bangert
    Konrad Adenauer Foundation Thomas van den Valentien
    Bundeswehr (German armed forces) Memorial meck architekten
    Diplomats’ Park Florian Fischötter I Frank Schiffer I Klaus Theo Brenner I Haas

    Duration approx. 3h
    can be combined with the classic tour City West