To the north of Berlin’s main station and in direct proximity to the Parliamentary District a new urban quarter is emerging on an area of 40 hectares. Residential, office and retail usages create the typical ‘Berlin Mix’ and the urban development is set to be exemplary in terms of sustainability and ecology. The Tour Total highrise was first to go up in 2012, followed by the 50 Hertz headquarters (DGNB diamond certificate) and the Art Campus. Various housing projects are currently under contruction and the competition for a highrise building on Europaplatz was concluded in June 2017.

Promenade from main station to Invalids’ cemetery
main station (gmp), Cube (3XN), Tour Total & Monnet 4 (Barkow Leibinger), 50 Hertz headquarters (Love Architecture), Flick Collection (Kühn Malvezzi), Ernst Basler AG office building (Miller Maranta), residential building and gallery (Leon Wohlhage Wernik), riverside promenade (relais), Hamburger Bahnhof (Friedrich Neuhaus, J.P. Kleihues), Berlin Wall Trail,
Invalids’ cemetery, southern city port district (various architects)

Additionaly you can choose between 2 options:
a) Focus Lehrter Straße
Walk along Lehrter Straße via: history park on the grounds of the former Moabit prison (glaßer und dagenbach), Botschaft der Kinder (Ludloff&Ludloff), Mittenmang residential project (various architects)

b) Focus Kapelle-Ufer
Walking tour of the new developments along the river Spree: Humboldthafen Eins (KSP Jürgen Engel), Futurium (Richter Musikowski), Federal Press Conference (Nalbach+Nalbach), Heinrich Böll Foundation (e2), Boros collection (realarchitektur)

Duration approximately 2.5 hours