Our contacts and contractual arrangements allow us to organize exclusive visits of generally inaccessible buildings, such as:


Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center

(Max Dudler)

Neues Museum

(restoration by David Chipperfield and Julian Harrap)

Academy of Arts on Pariser Platz

(Günter Behnisch and Werner Durth) and at Hanseatenweg (Werner Düttmann)

Philological Library ,The Brain'

(Norman Foster) + Woodpavilion Florian Nagler

Baumschulenweg Crematorium

(Schultes Frank)

Jewish Museum

(Daniel Libeskind)

Velodrome and Swimming Hall

(Dominique Perrault)

Residential high rise building

(Hans Scharoun) with visit of his attic studio apartment

Tautes Heim in the Hufeisensiedlung

(Bruno Taut), originally refurbished detached house 

Corbusier House

(Le Corbusier), with appartment visit





Ministry of the Environment

(Jürgen Pleuser)


Duration approx 1.5 hours,

also suitable as a complement to other tours