Example: Sustainable building


Originally used in forestry, the concept of ‚sustainability‘ saw its revival with the World Climate Conference of Rio de Janeiro in 1992 - ‚sustainable development‘ became a global policy task and the guiding principle for human action. Sustainable planning and building requires equal consideration of ecological, economic and social issues. In addition it
requires the consideration of the individual building project in its urban context. As architects in practice we offer tailor made tours with exclusive insights, call in experts and organize interior visits.
From the vast choice of buildings scattered all over the city we will boil down and organize a tour that takes into account your specific interests and meets your requirements for wellfounded information. Here are just a few sample topics:


Urban timbre contruction
3xgrün (Institut für Urbanen Holzbau), building site Pistoriusplatz (Kaden+Lager), Christburger Str. / E3 (Kaden Klingbeil), Waldorfcampus (Kersten+Kopp)


Sustainable concepts
Flussbad Berlin (realities:united), Holzmarkt (various architects), Spreefeld (FATKoehl, carpaneto schoeningh, BAR), Spree 2011 (Ralf Steeg), Rainwater managment at Potsdamer Platz (Atelier Dreiseitl), Adlershof science park (various architects)


Special arrangements for the framework programme, bus-rental and reservations of restaurants etc. can also be organized on request


Viable as a half-day or day tour