Berlin is growing. In times of housing shortages and rising rents, community housing projects are becoming increasingly important. „Baugruppen“ initiatives hold aesthetics and ecology higher than profit maximisation. The result is varied and innovative architecture in which sustainability and community play an important role.
This tour leads you to selected projects in the district of Kreuzberg. It can be done by public transport, by bike or by bus. We can organize interior visits in selected buildings upon request.


Gleisdreieck Park
Flottwell Zwei (Winfried Härtel / Tim Heide / Verena von Beckerath), Flottwellstr. 9-12 (Veauthier Meyer), Dennewitz eins (roedig schop), Gleisdreieck Park (Atelier Loidl), Lokdepot (robertneun)


Friesenstraße quarter
THF, Columbia studios (Blaufisch), 7up (Anne Lampen), Barceloneta (Blase & Kapici, Artis company building (Ziegert Roswag Seiler)


Engelbecken and former central flower market
Engeldamm 60, Dresdener Str. 31 (HKA Hastrich Keuthage), Luisenstädtischer Kanal (Christa Ringkamp), Prinzessinnengärten (Nomadisch Grün), R50 (ifau, Jesko Fezer und Heide & von Beckerath), IBeB – integrative building project at the former central flower market (under construction - ifau, Heide & von Beckerath)


Halfday-tour of selected projects, duration approx. 3-4h

day-tour, duration approx. 8h