The construction and real estate industry is in a state of flux: topics like energy management, resource conservation, healthy living and working conditions are becoming increasingly relevant. Sustainable development implies a minimisation of energy and resource consumption as well as protection of our ecosystem, throughout all phases of a building’s lifecycle. During this tour we focus on the development of innovative and future- oriented models of energy conservation in connection with outstanding architecture in Berlin. Buildings visited in the course of the tour – including interior visits:

Science City Adlershof
SOLON SE Solar Factory (Heinrich Schulte-Frohlinde); Faculty of Physics of the Humboldt University (Augustin and Frank), Center for Photonics and Optical Technologies (Sauerbruch Hutton);

Bus tour
Ministry of the Environment (Jürgen Pleuser architects); Heinrich Böll Foundation (E2A Architects); „Foster-Brain“ Philological Library at the Free University in Berlin Dahlem (Norman Foster); REWE Supermarket in Rudow (Koch architects);

Day tour, duration approx. 8 h

Viable also as a half day tour (in excerpts), duration approx 3-4 hours
a) Adlershof Science Park and Rewe supermarket or
b) Heinrich Böll Foundation and “Foster Brain”