“Your enthusiasm for Berlin and its architecture was evident and infectious.”
AIA HOK International Ltd
Photo: Konrad Langer
„The tour completely changed my idea about Berlin. You really brought the city to life.”
The Architectural Review
Photo: Lidia Tirri
“The group was very enthusiastic about the tour.”
The Anne-Sophie Mutter Foundation
Photo: Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk
„We learnt a great deal, which will undoubtedly improve our projects.”
MHG&L Architects and Planners
Photo: Ken Wagner
“Fantastic to be able to visit the interior of a home for real.”
bk travel solutions
Photo: Erik-Jan Ouwerkerk
“Great Job!”
David Chipperfield
Photo: Kora Johanns
“Expert guides, interesting topics and also an extraordinary execution.”
Siemens Ag Industry Sector
Photo: Kora Johanns
“Passionate guides with very profound knowledge of Berlin’s architecture.”
Rolls-Royce Germany
Photo: Andreas Muhs

Experience architecture


In addition to our customized group offers, we also offer architectural tours all over the world and public tours in Berlin for individuals. Our calendar provides an overview of the current tour dates.
ATTENTION: Please be aware that our public tours are on Winter break until May!

Architectural Tours in Berlin
Lobe Block, Berlin-Wedding, Photo: David von Becker


Our architectural tours focus on the contemporary architecture of Berlin. Our formats range from 1.5 hour tours of single buildings to excursion programmes lasting several days and are aimed at both specialist groups and interested laymen.

Photo: Ruth Baumgartner


As the operators of two information stations in Berlin World Heritage sites, coordinators of the Berlin design advisory board and authors of a wide range of specialist publications, TICKET B are dedicated to communicating architecture and built culture at all levels.

Our team of professional architects
Photo: Lidia Tirri

About us

Our competent guides are trained architects and urban planners who contribute to our guided tours their many years of experience of being directly involved in the building process, teaching at universities in Germany and abroad or working as specialist journalists.

Founding Member of the Guiding Architects Network
Photo: Guiding Architects


TICKET B is a founding member of the Guiding Architects network, a constantly growing organisation of architects, architectural journalists and authors who offer professional architectural guided tours in Europe and worldwide.