Wild Wedding

Architecture and Subculture

A creative scene has been brewing for years in the formerly strictly proletarian working class district, mostly housed in converted industrial and transportation buildings. Now new architectural paths are also being taken in residential and commercial construction, following processes of gentrification that are not commonplace. Raw concrete and modular timber construction enable to build quickly and cost-effectively beyond conventional construction techniques.
The Lobe-Haus makes imaginative use of the possibilities offered by the building regulations and, with terraces open to the public, creates an unmistakable place in “Red Wedding”. More and more building co-ops are bringing the district to life.

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    Project selection

    Gartenstadt Atlantic Rudolf Fränkel
    Hoch 6 roedig.schop I sieglundalbert
    Lobe Block Brandlhuber I Petzet
    Wedding district court
    Luisenbad library Chestnutt Niess
    Uferstudios Jean Krämer I Claus Anderhalten
    Uferhallen Jean Krämer I planning Ortner+Ortner
    Ex-Rotaprint Klaus Kirsten
    Postmodern housing Maxstraße
    ADO21 hertfelder & montojo
    DREEAM tafkaoo2
    Silent Green Kulturquartier

    Duration: approx. 3 h

    Wedding Extended

    The tour can be customized to include further innovative buildings to create an extra tour.

    Lynar 38 Schäferwenningerprojekt
    Wedding city hall extension
    Fritz Bornemann
    Schiller library
    AV1 Architekten
    Residential project Osramtor Thomas Baecker

    Duration: approx. 4,5 h