Modernist Housing Estates

In Berlin, the 1920s ideas of the new, modern, light-flooded living were implemented in a unique form. The six green housing estates were built as a counter-design to the misery of the tenement blocks of the Berlin working class families that had prevailed until then. In 2008, they were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of their social aspirations and their outstanding significance for urban development and architecture of the 20th century.
Within the framework of a half-day or ful-day tour, we can visit all six housing estates and gain exclusive access to shops and apartments, as well as the two UNESCO Information Stations we co-operate with.

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Project selection Berlin North housing estates

Siemensstadt settlement Hans Scharoun I Walter Gropius I Otto Bartning I Hugo Häring I Fred Forbat und Paul-Rudolf Henning
Afrikanische Straße Estate Mies van der Rohe
Schillerpark Estate Bruno Taut
White City Otto Rudolf Salvisberg I Bruno Ahrends und Wilhelm Büning
Carl-Legien settlement Bruno Taut

Project selection Berlin South housing estates

Horseshoe settlement Britz Bruno Taut
“Inkbox Estate” Falkenberg Bruno Taut
Uncle Tom settlement Bruno Taut I Otto Rudolf Salvisberg and Hugo Häring
Forest settlement Quermatenweg

Day trip by bus, duration approx. 8 h

also possible in parts as half-day tour by bus or public transport, duration approx. 3-4 h