Residential Buildings in Kreuzberg

Berlin is growing. In times of housing shortage and rising rents, community housing projects are becoming more and more important. Housing cooperatives give more importance to aesthetics and ecology than to financial aspects. The result is a showcase of varied and innovative architecture in which sustainability and community play an important role.
A beacon project is the area around the former flower market, which was developed according to a conceptual procedure. Berlin’s first commercial building co-op, the most exciting new residential building in Berlin and the new taz publishing house are the highlights of southern Friedrichstadt.

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    Project selection

    Flottwell Zwei Winfried Härtel I Tim Heide I Verena von Beckerath
    Flottwellstr. 9-12 Veauthier Meyer
    Dennewitz eins roedig schop I sieglalbert
    Gleisdreieck Park Atelier Loidl
    Lokdepot robertneun
    Möckernkiez various architects
    IBeB – Integratives Bauprojekt am ehemaligen Blumengroßmarkt ifau I Heide & von Beckerath
    Metropolenhaus bfstudio
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    Day tour, duration approx. 8 h