Educational Buildings

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Berlin’s school population is growing with the city. Creative spatial concepts are finding resonance in a new inclusive educational landscape. On the tour, we will visit conversions and renovations and illustrate innovative new buildings.
After years of neglect, the city of Berlin has launched a school construction programme that meets the growing demand and does not sacrifice architectural quality. The Berlin School Construction Offensive is one of the city’s central infrastructure projects. Berlin will build more than 60 new schools in the next few years due to rising student numbers. The aspects of a modern pedagogy will be taken into account by so-called cluster schools.

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    Erika-Mann-Grundschule Ludwig Hoffmann I baupiloten
    Waldorf-Campus Kersten + Kopp
    Ludwig-Hoffmann-Schule AFF Architekten
    Maria-Montessori-Schule Kersten + Kopp
    Marie-Curie-Gymnasium Grüntuch und Ernst
    Kita unterm Regenschirm baukind
    Mach Mit Museum Berlin Klaus Block
    Modulare Grundschulen Bruno Fioretti Marquez
    Robert-Koch-Schule Rüthnick Architekten

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