Richard Ollig

Richard studied restoration in Italy and works as an architect in the preservation of historic buildings. From time to time his paths lead him to fascinating excavation sites such as the Tunisian desert or the Sudanese pyramids of Meroe, whose exposure and exploration he accompanies. It’s clear that his passion is for places of transformation and decay. Exposing and preserving the traces of time, describing the patina of objects and the history which they condense is precisely his thing. Preferably on the Museum Island, where he was able to work as a stone restorer as early as the 1990s and is now once more involved in the restoration planning for the Pergamon Museum. He lives near the golden triangle of Kreuzberg, Treptow and Neukölln and sometimes feels like he’s on holiday there. When he does want to get out, he seeks water or music. Or both at the same time.