Annika Eheim

The passion for communicating building culture hit Annika as a complete newbie during the first week of her architecture studies in Weimar and has not left her since. Among other things, she has specialised in the preservation of historical monuments and the history of modern architecture, she was a passionate supporter of the Bauhaus walks at Weimar University and also worked for the Klassik-Stiftung. Today, as in the past, she is particularly interested in residential buildings and their 100,000 shades of history. Accordingly, she loves Bruno Taut’s 1920s housing estates and gives such charming tours through the Hansaviertel and in Karl-Marx-Allee that it’s almost painful to witness. Annika covers the 9 km from her Moabit domicile to the Friedrichshain head office by bike or in her beloved running shoes.