Central East

Berlin has two main centres in the former eastern and western parts of the city. Surrounding the television tower on Alexanderplatz, the GDR created a spacious and large-scale urban space that was to radiate international modernity.
Since the 1990s, a high-rise concept has been developed in accordance with a highly regarded master plan, which respects the existing listed buildings and is intended to set new highlights. Currently, old buildings are being renovated and new high-rise buildings are being constructed by renowned architects. The bustling Alexanderplatz is on its way to being given an architectural face.

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Project selection

Haus des Lehres and Kongresshalle Hermann Henselmann
TV Tower Hermann Henselmann
Haus des Reisens Roland Korn I Johannes Brieske I Roland Steiger
Pressehaus Karl-Ernst Swora I Rainer Hanslik IGerhard Voss I Waldemar Seifert und Günter Derdau
Rathauspassagen Heinz Graffunder
Rotes Rathaus Hermann Friedrich Waesemanns
Humboldt Forum Franco Stella
Staatsratsgebäude Roland Korn und Hans-Erich Bogatzky

Duration approx. 2.5 h