Group Offers

Our single building tours consist of a compressed format that devotes 1.5 hours to a single, very special building. We illuminate every nook and cranny and explain not only the history of the building's origins, the design brief and the concept, but also it's most remarkable andunique details. Through close consultation with our local partners, we can access the interiors of buildings that would otherwise remain closed to the public and offer you exclusive insights and opportunities.
Single Buildings
Grimmzentrim Reading Room
Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm Zentrum
Library FU Berlin Brain
Philological Library FU Berlin
Akademie der Künste Interior
Academy of Arts Pariser Platz
Heinrich Böll foundation
Heinrich Böll Foundation
Crematory Baumschulenweg
Baumschulenweg Crematory
Corbusier House
Unité d'Habitation
Jewish Museum Berlin
Jewish Museum